Ausstellung Flughafen Frankfurt
Special exhibition "Frankfurt Airport: From airship port to global air traffic hub"

at the Zeppelin-Museum Zeppelinheim.
extended until April 23rd, 2023

The exhibition shows the development of the airport in Frankfurt am Main, which was opened in 1936 as a world airport and airship port and is now one of the most important air traffic hubs in Europe and worldwide. The history of its expansion over the decades is told using models of aircraft, which also required such changes. The exhibition is supplemented by contemporary documents, i.e. exhibits and photos, which vividly convey an impression of the respective epoch. A large architectural model of Frankfurt Airport in the last stage of expansion (incl. Terminal 3), which was supplemented by the airship hangars and an airship model, impressively shows the proportions and an impression of where the airship port was located on the site of today's airport.

Organizer is the Verein für Zeppelin-Luftschiffahrt Zeppelinheim e.V. in cooperation with the city of Neu-Isenburg, with the kind support of the Fraport AG.


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